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The Mix-Episode 1

Posted by svedda on April 23, 2007


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Welcome to The Mix! Today i’ll talk about the NBA Playoffs, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and more. But first the opening word.

The Opening Word

Yesterday the Nets beat the Raptors 96-91 and Chicago beat Miami 96-91. Detroit beat Orlando 100-92 and Houston beat Utah 84-75. The Yanks got beat by the Red Sox 7-5. The Indians lost to the Devil rays 6-5 and the Mets beat the Braves 11-10. The White Sox beat the Tigers 10-6 and the Cubs shut out the Cardinals 6-0. Minessota beat Kansas City 7-5 and San Francisco beat Arizona 1-0. Florida beat Washington 9-3 and the Blue Jays lost to Baltimore 5-2. Milwaukee beat Houston to 6-4 and Texas shut out Oakland 7-0. Philadelphia beat the Reds 4-1 and the Angels beat the Mariners 7-6. The Dodgers beat Pittsburgh 7-3. That’s The Opening Word.

Opening Questions

Q-If Bonds breaks the HR record, will you watch him and also will you care?
A-If Bonds breaks the record like he probally will, i wouldn’t watch him. I wouldn’t even watch the highlights of the game. Would i care? No because in 5-10 years my man A-Rod is going to break Bonds’ record so i wouldn’t really care. Will i be mad that a steroid taker broke it? Yes because this record has stood for a long time and i don’t think a steroid taker should be the first one to break it. Next question.

Q-Will Alex Rodriguez hit 70+ homers and break Bonds’ single season HR record?
A-Yes. I don’t think he’ll hit 130 like people are saying but i think he could easily hit 70+. My predition would be around 75 HR and 200 RBIs. Right now he has 12 HR and 31 RBIs through 16 games which i think he could reach those stats. Last question.

Q-True or false-Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard will both hit 50+ HR and they will break out of there slumps in a couple of days.
A-False. I think Albert will break out of his slump today and will reach 50+ Hr and 125+ RBIs by the end of the season. For Howard…i’m not sure. He did have a breakout year last year hitting 58 HR i think but i think he’s entering a bad year because he’ll get walked a lot with no great hitters behind him in the lineup. I think the only way he’ll be able to hit 50 again is if he leaves Philadelphia and goes to another team.

Top Topic of the Day

The NBA Playoffs

Yesterday the playoffs started as you already know. As seen above, the scores were as follows-
Chi 96 Mia 91
NJ 96 Tor 91
Hou 84 Utah 75
Det 100 Orl 92
Only one of these games outcome isn’t what i predicted(the NJ/Tor game). For todays games here are my picks-
Cle 100 Wsh 90
Reason-I just don’t think that Washington can beat a team that they can’t even beat with Arenas and Butler. This series will be over in 5 games tops.
Pho 110 LAL 100
Reason-The only reason the lakers are in the playoffs is Kobe so if he doesn’t score 70+ points, they’ll lose. I have him scoring 50-55 in this game. Phoenix will win the series in 5.
Dal 100 GS 84
Reason-All of you out there that think Golden State can beat Dallas are crazy. This series will be a sweep with Dallas doing the sweeping.
SA 96 Den 90
Reason-Denver might have A.I. and ‘Melo, but after those 2 they don’t have much. This series will be won by San Antonio in 6.

Question Of The Day

Q-Who will win each of the 4 games?

Daily Interview

Today i am pleased to be able to interview Sam Mitchell coach of the Raptors. Sam, why did you lose yesterdays game?

Sam-We lost that game because in the final 2 minutes all we did was turn the ball over and miss shots.

Do you think you can rebound and win game 2?

Sam-Yes, i think we can win game 2 as long as we hold Carter under 20 points again and if we can stop Jefferson from scoring near 30 points. Also, i think if Bosh has i good game, we can beat anybody.

Who would you rather face-Cleveland or Washington?

Sam-Definately Washington because they’re without Arenas and Butler who on the season scored half there points. With Cleveland you have a team that can score in the paint and hit 3s plus they have the best player in the league in Lebron James. Even though Cleveland will probally win the series, we can still hope that if we win this series we can get hopmecourt advantage.

Last question-Who will win the East and who will win the West? Then, who will win the Championship?

Sam-In the West i have Phoenix and in the East i have us. I think we would take it to seven games, but would lose game 7.

Thank you for your time.

Sam-No problem. Hopefully i can come back to the show one day.

Final Word

For the final word i would just like to thank all of you who joined me today and that i am very happy that i got more than 20 people in my NBA playoffs Competition. Also-if you would like to be a co-host on The Mix, let me know. Thank you for watching The Mix. See ya next time!

Ending Credits

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda

Hosted by svedda

The Mix
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