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50th TSN Post Party!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by svedda on April 26, 2007

Welcome to my 50th post party! How about i give you a tour of the place.

When you first walk in you can see i giant signed poster of me. Also when you walk in you get a signed trading card of me for every sport. Then on the walls there are giant posters of me doing poses and then on the right wall there are posters of A-Rod, Lebron, and Barry Bonds. The front foyer where we are now is 50 ft tall and 25 ft wide and has multi color lights.

Then after that you walk into the front room where there is another giant signed poster of me. This room is about 50 ft tall and 100 ft wide. in the back right corner there is a basketball hoop and in the left corner there is a arcade with over 25 games. All games are $1 each. In the front corners there are tables where you can pick up my autobiography, which is signed at a small fee of $50. Then in the middle is a large bathroom with 50 toilets and 30 sinks. Also in the middle is a giant plasme tv that has the movie: The Life And Times Of Svedda playing. Now to the back room.

When you first walk in you have to pay $20 because in here is a small museum, only 1,500 square ft, of my life. There are signed bats, balls, jerseys, etc of me. There is a security gaurd that follows you through it so you don’t steal anything. Be alarmed-they carry weapons. In the middle of the museum are 5 tvs showing me fight for black peoples’ rights, stop global warming, stopping Pearl Harbor before i get captured for 10 years and then break out with my ninja skills. Also there is a tv of me fighting in the Civil War and the American revolution. These are just a few of the great things i have done. Now to the eating hall.

When you first walk in you notice that it’s about 50 ft high and 250 ft wide. On the left wall there are 200 hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and 400 pieces of chicken. Plus there are fries with every meal, no charge. Also, which i forgot to mention, you can only have 1 of each thing and to enter you pay $100. On the right wall there are 500 2 liters of different types of pop. Plus there are 500 cans of beer and pop. Important Notice-only 2 beers per person, maybe 3. Then on the backwall is a giant signed poster of me. In the middle is a large eating area, about 250 seats and 50 tables.

After that you either go into Room A which has The All-American Rejects performing, Room B which has Shakira, Room C which has Fergie or Room D which has Sanjaya performing. Caution-Sanjaya thinks he’s really good, and if you tell him he’s not he starts smiling at you.

Also you can go in the backyard and play either football, baseball or soccor. Sorry, no hockey. The backyard is gigantic and has a giant picture of me painted on every field. Through out your stay, you will be followed by a security guard, who is armed and you most not-

-make fun of me or ELSE

-ruin any picture of me or ELSE

-make fun of the guards or ELSE

-touch anything with a picture of me on it and mistreat it or ELSE

I hope you enjoyed my party or ELSE! Can’t wait untill my next party!

P.S. Check out Yankees3Fan7s’ blog for his new PTI episode which i’m a host of! Don’t make fun of the show or ELSE! Don’t ask what the ELSE is. Trust me-you don’t want to know.


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