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The Mix Update

Posted by svedda on April 26, 2007

Starting with my next The Mix show, it will be totally different. Now it will be called PTIC which means Pardon The Interruption Cleveland. You’ve probally seen the original format and my first show, but now it’s gonna be different. Here’s a look at what it’s kinda gonna be like.

Opening Credits

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda 

Then, instead of Opening Questions and Top Topic Of The Day, it’ll be like this.


6-10 recent topics

The Interview instead of Daily Interview











Final word

Ending Credits

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda

Hosted by svedda, ______

I hope this makes the show more enjoyable!


5 Responses to “The Mix Update”

  1. good idea. i influenced u to start it. i feel special!

    – Y3F7

  2. also, if u want hosts, im good for it.

  3. svedda said

    You influenced me to change it. I’ll send you the ‘script’ around 3:30-4:30 PM tonight so i can post it either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks.

  4. wolfpackmaniac08 said

    Maybe i can host the show after that,Perhaps?

  5. svedda said

    Yeah, maybe my next show i’ll have you both as hosts with me. Also-what is your TSN username?

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