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Posted by svedda on April 27, 2007

Pardon The Interruption Cleveland

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda

Hosted by svedda, Yankees3Fan7

Welcome to the new show PTIC! Today i have Yankees3Fan7 joining me as a fulltime host! Now let’s get to todays topics!

So, Yankees3fan7, the Yankees have lost 6 games in a row. Are they in trouble or is it too early to tell?

Y3F7-The season is only 20 or so games in. We still have 5+ months to go. Everyone’s riding the Yankees off because they are in this slump. Give it a break, people! If the Yankees win the division, would we even mention this? I would highly doubt it.

Y3F7What do you think the Browns will do with the 3rd pick?

svedda-I’m not sure. It all depends on what happens with the first two picks. If Russell goes first and Johnson goes second, i have them taking Peterson. But, if Johnson goes first, they might trade up so they can get Russell. I could see them giving up a 3rd round pick and some players to move up. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave up a second round pick too since Savage has made some crazy moves before.

svedda-What do you think of what’s going on with Curt Schilling?

Y3F7-I don’t get what Curt Schilling’s sock has anything to do with his performance. He’s doing fine right now. This whole sock controversy has to end now. I don’t care whether it’s blood, paint, or ketchup, give it a break already.

Y3F7-Do you think the Heat will rebound and beat Chicago and win the series?

svedda-No. I think the Heat are in too deep of a hole. They’re down 2-0 with Wade at 75% and they’re facing a good young team in Chicago. Unless they find a way to stop Gordon, Deng, Heinrich and Wallace, they have no chance. They might get 1 or 2 at home, but the series will be over in 6 games tops. Actually i think six games is a little too much. My prediction-5 games.

svedda-Will Dallas be upset by Golden State?

Y3F7-Golden State has Don Nelson, the guy who created this Mavs team from the inside in the early years. However, Avery Johnson has banded them together and they won 67 games this season. Those don’t really count in the playoffs, except for seeding. I believe though that the Mavs will win this series. I’ll say in 6 games.

Y3F7-Will the Indians win the world series this year if everyone stays healthy?

svedda-I’m gonna have to say yes. I think they have the offense with Hafner, Sizemore, etc, but they may not have the pitching. They have always had a weak bullpen, but i think with Sabathia the way he’s piching now, they have a solid chance of winning the WS. But, they may have some problems once the Yankees break out of there slump.

svedda-Do the Lakers have a chance to win there series with the Suns?

Y3F7-The Lakers have a very slim shot at getting this done, and I mean slim. If Kobe goes off like a rocket and gets 50 points in 3 straight, they have a great chance. If he cannot, then LA, we have a problem.

Y3F7-Which NFL rookie do you think will have the best offensive season?

svedda-I’m gonna have to say either Johnson or Russell. If Russell goes to Cleveland somehow, i think he’ll have the best year. But, if he goes to Oakland, and Johnson goes to TB or Det, it doesn’t matter, i think Johnson will have the better year. I just don’t think Russell or any QB can do good in Oakland.

svedda-Who do you think will?

Y3F7-I think Calvin Johnson will have the best offensive season. He had a dynamic year at Georgia Tech and is touted as the best overall player in this year’s Draft. Mel Kiper won’t shut up about this kid and for once I believe him. Unfortunately, he will probably be in a Lions uni, which is kind of a slap in the face.

svedda-Now that we’re done with that, time for The Interview.

The Interview

svedda-Today i am pleased to present Jamarcus Russell. Jamarcus, glad to have you with us.

JR-Glad to be here.

svedda-Who do you want to play for next season?

JR-I really don’t care who i get drafted by. Whoever drafts me, will have drafted a hard working player that gets the job done.

Y3F7-Do you think you’ll be the Offensive Rookie Of The Year?

JR-That doesn’t matter to me. As long as i know i’ve done my best to help my team, i think that’s an award in its self.

svedda-What do you think of Calvin Johnson?

JR-I think he’s one of the best WRs i’ve ever seen! I wish he would of went to LSU!

Y3F7-If you had to pick one coach in the league, who would you pick?

JR-Bill Belicheck. I’ve always liked him.

svedda-Last question. Would you be mad if you aren’t taken No.1 overall?

JR-No, of course not. It doesn’t matter to me when i’m drafted, it just matters that i get drafted.

svedda-Thank you for your time.

JR-No problem. I hope i can be on the show again.

Today these people were born-

1822 – Ulysses S. Grant
1896 – Rogers Hornsby
1900 – Walter Lantz
1927 – Coretta Scott King
1932 – Casey Kasem
1941 – Lee Roy Jordan
1944 – Cuba Gooding Sr.
1952 – George Gervin
1967 – Jason Whitlock
1975 – Chris Carpenter
1984 – Pierre-Marc Bouchard
Courtesy of Wikipedia

svedda-Thanks for watching PTIC! I hope you all enjoyed the show and will watch it every week. Bye!

Pardon The Interruption Cleveland

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda

Hosted by svedda, Yankees3Fan7


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