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Browns, Panthers, and Dallas Make Moves

Posted by svedda on April 28, 2007

Today the Browns passed on Brady Quinn and drafted Joe Thomas with the 3rd pick. Then, when with the 9th pick the Dolphins missed out on Quinn and drafted Ohio States’ best WR Ted Ginn Jr. Then, Quinn was still around at 22. So, the Browns traded the 36th pick in the draft and there 2008 1st round pick to Dallas so they could take Quinn. Good move or bad move?

Also Carolina traded their 14th pick to the Jets for New York’s first, second, fifth, and sixth picks in this year’s draft. With the acquired pick, the Jets picked Darrelle Revis. Good move or bad move?

 The Eagles were on the clock with pick no.26. Then, Dallas made a trade with them after trading there original 1st round pick to Cleveland. In the trade they gave up the 53rd, 87th, and 159th pick at the price of the 26th pick. Overall, they gave up there 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th picks this year for Anthony Spencer (DE) out of Purdue, a 2nd round pick this year and a 1st round pick next year. Good moves or bad moves?


One Response to “Browns, Panthers, and Dallas Make Moves”

  1. Yes, my panthers were aggressive today. I’m happy with our picks.

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