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Pistons Sweep, Cavs up 3-0

Posted by wolfpackmaniac08 on April 28, 2007

[1]Pistons[97] [8]Magic[93] ………..Detroit takes series 4-0

The Pistons are on to round two, as they sweep the Magic. Winning by an average margin of victory of 4.5 points, Detroit will either face Chicago or Miami in the second round, pending the outcome of that series. Chauncey Billups led the way for Detroit, scoring 25, grabbing four boards, and tallying six assists, whiled Dwight Howard scored 29, as he shined in defeat for Orlando.

[2]Clevland[98] [7]Wizards[92]…………….Cavs lead series 3-0

The Cavilers are one game away from a sweep of the series, after a 98-92 road victory over the Wizards. Washington’s Antwan Jamison lead all scorers with a series high 38. LeBron James, of the victorious Cavilers, scored a team high 30 points, and racked up nine assists.

Tomorrow’s Playoff Games

  • [5]Bulls at [4]Heat [Heat lead 3-0] [1:00 p.m. ET] TV[ABC]
  • [2]Suns at [7]Lakers [Suns lead 2-0] [3:30 p.m. ET] TV[ABC]
  • [3]Raptors at [6]Nets [Nets lead 2-1] [7:30 p.m. ET] TV[TNT]
  • [1]Mavericks at [8] Warriors [Warriors lead 2-1] [10:00 p.m. ET] TV[TNT]

2 Responses to “Pistons Sweep, Cavs up 3-0”

  1. svedda said

    Cavs will finish the series sweep on Monday. I’m 100% sure.

  2. The Spurs won. And you are probably right

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