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Quick Hits-Issue 1

Posted by svedda on April 28, 2007

Welcome to my first ever issue of Quick Hits! Here is my version of Quick Hits that will be posted a couple times a week. Enjoy!

1.Yesterday the Golden State Warriors kept there dreams alive when they beat Dallas 109-91 and took a series lead of 2-1. I still don’t get how the best regular season team that only lost 15 games, is getting creamed by a eight seed that lost 25 more games in the regular season. I don’t like the Mavs that much, but this is still pretty weird. I’m changing my prediction for this series making it GS in 6 games. The way the Mavs are playing, they have no chance.

2.Also yesterday the New Jersey Nets beat the Raptors 103-89 and took a series lead of 2-1. Also they held Chris Bosh to only 11 points which is one of the reasons they won. I’m still not sure if the Nets can win the series, but i think they have a better chance than i once thought. But, i don’t get how the Raptors who owned ther division in the regular season, the same division the Nets are in, aren’t at least losing by less than 10 points at the most. I’m changing my prediction for this series too, i’m taking the Raptors in 7.

3.Yesterday the Bulls beat the Heat 104-96 to take a commanding series lead of 3-0. As you all know, the Heat won the championship last year with pretty much the same roster, but they don’t have Wade at 100%. This is why i keep saying that Wade should of did the surgery. He had to of known that he wasn’t gonna be able to contribute a lot and that they had no chance of winning the championship again. If he would of did the surgery, he would have a lot of time to recover and to get ready for next season. i’m changing my prediction for this series too with Chicago sweeping Miami.

4.Today the Cavs are going to Washington to play the Wizards in game 3 of the series. Right now the Cavs are up 2-0 and will probally do what i predicted them to do, sweep the Wizards. This is what Antwan Jamison has to say of tomorrows game-“History speaks for itself. No team has come back from 3-0 to win a series, and you don’t want to give them any more confidence than they have now. If we win tomorrow, we make a series out of it. So this is a pivotal game. It’s the most important game.”My prediction for todays game is Cleveland 100 to Washington 92. I just don’t think Washington can beat anybody without Butler and Arenas.

Todays NBA Playoffs Schedule-

Detroit 53-29, Road: 27-14 3:00pm ETOrlando 40-42, Home: 25-16 TNT, WRBWPistons lead series 3-0Cleveland 50-32, Road: 20-21 5:30pm ET

Washington 41-41, Home: 26-15 TNT

Cavaliers lead series 2-0

San Antonio 58-24, Road: 27-14 8:00pm ET

Denver 45-37, Home: 23-18 ESPN, RNET

Series tied 1-1

Houston 52-30, Road: 24-17 10:30pm ET

Utah 51-31, Home: 31-10 ESPN, RNET

Rockets lead series 2-1

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