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Posted by wolfpackmaniac08 on April 29, 2007

Welcome to WHO YA GOT. I’m here with my fabulos guests, Yankees3fan7, and wwefreak. Today, well focus on the NBA, a lasting rivalrie, and the ’07 Heisman.

PiCk ThE WiNnEr

Will the Bulls sweep, or will the Heat bounce back?
wwefreak-Bulls vs. Heat
This isn’t the same Miami Heat that won it all last season. I won’t count them out next year, but I am counting them out for this year’s playoffs


Can the 3 seed Raptors bounce back vs. the Nets?
wwefreak-Raptors vs. Nets
I’ve always wondered where the name “Nets” came from, because it sounds like something a 1st grader came up with, so I went on wikipedia and found this: “For the team’s second season, the team opted to stay on Long Island, where it changed its name to the New York Nets. The team was renamed to “Nets” to rhyme with the two other professional sports team in New York that played on Long Island at the time; Major League Baseball’s New York Mets, and the American Football League’s New York Jets.” As for my pick, I’m taking the Raps!


Can LA knot this series up at home?
wwefreak-Suns vs. Lakers
I love Steve Nash and consider him the best point guard in the NBA. He will find a way to get the Suns the win.


Will Dirk and Dallas take one on the road, or will the underdog prevail?
wwefreak-Mavs vs. Warriors
They didn’t make it to the NBA Finals last year for nothing! This is a do-or-die game for Dallas. The pressure’s on, and you’ll see why they are one of the best teams in the National Basketball Association


Will the Yanks go 0-6 vs. the Sox???
wwefreak-Yankees vs. Red Sox
Looking at the pitching probables for this makes me laugh. Julian Tavarez is starting?! What idiot made that decision? The Yankees sluggers are going to light up Tavarez like a Christmas Tree! I wish I were a Yankee right now, so I too could hit a homer off this pathetic excuse for a starter! Somebody, hand me my bat!


Now, we take a look in to the crystal ball, with our WHO’LL WIN IT section.
How will win the ’07 Heisman?
wwefreak-Here’s a better question, why the heck does it matter?! Take a quick peek at the last 5 winners of the coveted Heisman Throphy. No, you don’t have to click to wiki, I’ve got it covered. Carson Palmer, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, & Troy Smith. They’re all good players, but none of them has touched Vince Lombardi’s Trophy (and Troy Smith isn’t in a very good spot to do that soon either!). So winning the Heisman, to me, isn’t a big deal. Show me something when you get to “the show!”
Y3F7-Pat White, WVU

Preview: Episodes 2/3
2:The Football National Champ
3:NFL Draft Editon

Now, I ask you, the Audience,



  • Bulls over Heat
  • Raptors over Nets
  • Suns over Lakers
  • Warriors over Mavs
  • Yankees over Red Sox

tp3ncsu (wolfpackmaniac08), signing off


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