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Quick Hits-Issue 3

Posted by svedda on April 30, 2007

UPDATEWell, today i thought that i would update you all on some things. My blog entry tomorrow will be a collection of 7-10 interviews of some TSN Members. Here are the ones isent interviews to(the ones with a * have sent me there answers)--Lester’s Legends*
-Red Sox

I hope that mojomike, Red Sox, and 3peatTrojans got my PM and will send me there answers by tomorrow. I hope you like who i picked to answer my questions! Now to Quick Hits Issue 3.

Quick Hits-Svedda Style

1.Yesterday the Chicago Bulls beat the Heat and sent them packing. The score was 92-79. Like i said before, the Heat suck! Also yesterday the Suns, Warriors, and Nets all put there teams on the brink of elimination with crucial Game 4 wins. Now the Mavs, Lakers, and Raptors all have some catching up to do. Today the Cavs will probally send the Wizards packing. Also the spurs will probally take a 3-1 lead over the Nuggets. Then, the only series that has even been close, they’re tied 2-2, the Jazz and Rockets will play.

2.So far the NBA Playoffs have been dissapointing. Only one series even has a chance to go to seven games. So far there have been 2 sweeps and today they’ll probally be another one. Then the other series are all 3-1 or 2-1. At least the Warriors will pull an upset but so far the playoffs have been predictable. No excitement. No crucial wins. Nothing, just boring. Hopefully Round 2 will be better.

3.The big question going around is will Joe Torre be fired. I don’t think so personally, but you never know. so that leads up to my poll question-Q-Will Joe Torre be fired?
C-Don’t care

So, what’s your answer?

Ask svedda-First Edition
Is there something on your mind that you just can’t answer? Is there something that you need a second opinion on? Or do you just feel like asking a ranodm question that you don’t feel like answering? Or is there something else you want to ask about? well, ask me! If you want to ask me a question about anything sports related, send me a PM or leave a comment. Please, all sports questions welcome and i’ll give you my answer as soon as possible. Thanks.

A Blog You Should Visit-

go_indians’ blog

Saying Of The Day-

“Man, Matt Millen actually made a good move. Did i just say that?”

Todays’ NBA Playoffs Schedule-Cleveland 50-32 Road: 20-21 7:00pm ET

Washington 41-41 Home: 26-15 NBA

Cavaliers lead series 3-0

Utah 51-31 Road: 20-21 8:00pm ET

Houston 52-30 Home: 28-13 TNT, RNET

Series tied 2-2

San Antonio 58-24 Road: 27-14 10:30pm ET

Denver 45-37 Home: 23-18 TNT

Spurs lead series 2-1

Written by Svedda-A Future ESPN Sports Collumnist That Will Go By The Name Sports Guy 2


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