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Interveiws With Lester’s Legends, parkov, and more!

Posted by svedda on May 1, 2007

Here are 8 interviews that i had with some of the best TSN members! I still can’t beleive that 8 of the 10 interviews i sent out were replied too! After you read all of the interviews, let me know if this was a good idea and-which one was best? First, here’s mojomike-

MLB Predictions

1.Who will do better this season-the Red Sox or the Yankees?

Red-Sox, there pitching is superior (by 13 games).

2.Who will win the AL Central?

Detroit, there pitching is superior.

3.Who will be the AL and NL MVPs?

AL: Vlad Guerrero

NL: Carlos Beltran

4.Who will win the AL and NL Cy Youngs?

AL: Roy Halladay

NL: Tim Hudson

5.Who has the best shot at a World Series title?

Close call. I like the LA Angels a little bit better than the Red Sox. I think their rotation is better and they have a slightly better closer. It could be either team, but right now they look like frontrunners to win it all. The best shot from the National League would be the Atlanta Braves with the Dodgers, and Mets close behind (sorry Brewer fans, I don’t believe in you yet).

Now, here’s Caz13-

NBA Playoffs Predictions

1.Who will win the East?
– It will be either the Bulls or Pistons. The upcoming semi-finals match up between them is basically the Eastern Conference Championship game. Both of these teams are very capable of beating the Cavaliers, or the Nets, which have a 3-1 and 3-0 series lead. I think that Chicago will pull the shocker and beat the Pistons, thus propelling them to face the Cavaliers, in which they will also win. DET/CHI will go to 7 games in a fantastic thrilling series. Luol Deng and Ben Gordon will continue to show off their prowess and lead the Bulls to the NBA Finals.

2.Who will win the West?
– This is tricky, but I think the Houston Rockets are going to come out of the West. Tracy McGrady has never advanced in the playoffs before, and he is hungry, along with Yao Ming. Utah is posing a very big threat to them, with the series tied up at 2 a piece, but Houston is going to scrape by them and the way things are looking with Golden State and Dallas……Houston should be able to make it the conference finals against the Spurs. So I think Houston goes to the NBA Finals against Chicago (talk about a great series). T- Mac is going to show us something, you just wait.

3.Who will win the NBA Finals?
– Well naturally, I am going to go the Bulls. Again, a 7 game series is probably going to be the case here. Houston and Chicago match up well, but the key in this series is going to be McGrady, not Yao. If Chicago can focus on him, then they should be able to pull this one out. But then you have another problem, McGrady isn’t going to be shut down. I don’t like having to choose either team, but I will go the Bulls.

4.Who will be the highest seed left in the Conference Finals?
– It will be the #2 seeded Cleveland Cavaliers. They’ll knock off the Nets and then fall to the Bulls.

5.Who will be the NBA Finals MVP?
– Luol Deng. He has been the Bulls key component the entire playoffs and has really jump started this squad. He has emerged as one of the best and will continue his dominance into the NBA Finals.

Now, Parkov-

College Football Predictions

1.Who will be the preseason No.1?

I think the #1 team will be USC. They did lose their big receivers, but they’ve got a lot of talent coming back and they should be good.

2.Who will be the leading candidate for the Heisman entering the season?

Darren McFadden (he may have to throw, catch, run and block for himself, but he is a special talent.)

3.How will Ohio State and Florida do this year?

They both lost a ton of players in the draft (OSU- 8 and Florida- 9), so there will be a slight dip in their games, but they will both be solid once again. I’m looking at 9 wins and a New Year’s Day Bowl for each of them.

4.Who will have a breakout year this season?

Colorado will be much better now that Dan Hawkins is in his second year. They played well in some games last year and are ready to take the next step. Illinois will also be a team to watch with all of their returning talent and incoming freshman class.

5.Who will win the Championship?

In a repeat of last years Rose Bowl, USC will beat Michigan.


NFL Rookie Predictions

1.Who will be the most productive offensive rookie?

M.Lynch BUF

2.Who will be the most productive defensive rookie?

P.Willis SF

3.Who will be the biggest surprise player?

Ginn Jr MIA

4.Who will do better-Brady Quinn or Jamarcus Russell?

B.Quinn CLE

5.Who will make the biggest impact on there team?

M.Lynch BUF

Now, Yankees3Fan7-

NFL Predictions

1.Who has the best chance of winning the Super Bowl next year?

I believe there are multiple candidates for the SB. The Colts have Peyton. The Bears signed Chris Leak, giving Grossman backup. The Steelers have momentum. The Pats are the Pats (with a certain WR). It’s a tossup between those four.

2.Who will be the surprise team?

The surprise team to me would be San Francisco. They had a 7-9 record last season, with Alex Smith and Frank Gore finding themselves. They draft Patrick Willis and Joe Staley in the 1st round. I think they will cause some problems in their division.

3.Who will be this years’ Oakland?

This year’s Oakland will be the Dolphins. They made the worst move in the draft by picking Ted Ginn Jr. over Quinn. They needed a QB and didn’t get the best QB on the board. They will struggle this season.

4.Will the Patriots go unbeaten because of all of the new players?

First things first, they aren’t going unbeaten no matter who they have on their roster. They could get a Super Bowl win in a few years, but Moss will cause some trouble there.

5.Will the Browns regret giving up next years’ 1st Round Pick for Brady

The Browns did a good move for Quinn. However, they might regret it if they cannot perform well. If they have a Top 5 pick, then it may bite them in the buttocks.

Now, Lester’s Legends-

NFL Predictions

1.Who has the best chance of winning the Super Bowl next year?

I think the Patriots have geared up for another run. They added Stallworth and Moss on offense. Adalius Thomas on D. They’re ready for it.

2.Who will be the surprise team?

The Vikings could be. With a good D and a strong running game they could turn heads.

3.Who will be this years’ Oakland?

Probably Houston. Shaub could have growing pains.

4.Will the Browns regret giving up next years’ 1st Round Pick for Brady Quinn?

Absolutely. They need to hit a home run with Quinn because they gave up a good 2nd rounder and a likely top 10 pick next year for him.

Now, dking97-

NBA Playoffs Predictions

1.Who will win the East?

I think the Pistons will win it because they’re playing great basketball and they’ve got the experience. But the Bulls are playing great as well and they’ve got Ben Wallace to carry them defensively. In the end, it will be the Pistons.

2.Who will win the West?

Hey, as a Suns fan, I can’t pick anyone else. Dallas has looked really, really vulnerable. They played their best basketball in the regular season and now when the other teams are raising their game a notch, the Mavs already maxed out. The Suns have won every single “must” win since the All-Star break and Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire are playing better than ever. The Suns’ biggest competition is the Spurs, but the Suns have home court. Suns in the Finals.

3.Who will win the NBA Finals?

The West has been better than the East all year, and the Finals will be no different. Again, the Suns have home court and will outplay both the Pistons and Bulls, winning in 6 games.

4.Who will be the NBA Finals MVP?

Steve Nash. After losing the regular MVP from Dirk, this trophy will be the best of all. It couldn’t happen to a better guy.

Lastly, tp3ncsu-

1.Who will be the most productive offensive rookie?

I think at the end of the season, when you look at the stats, Calvin Johnson will be the most productive. His QB’s aren’t the best but, neither was Reggie Ball at GT. Although he’ll have to share receptions with Roy Williams, he will carry a big load in that Lion offense. All of this year’s top offensive picks will improve put up notable numbers, Calvin will be off the charts.
SLEEPER: Greg Olsen

2.Who will be the most productive defensive rookie?

I’ll go with Tampa’s Gaines Adams. The Buc’s four defensive ends combined for 10.5 sacks last year, while Adams, in 48 games at Clemson, averaged 1.7 sacks per game.
SLEEPER: Paul Posluszny

3.Who will be the biggest surprise player?

Drew Stanton. He could possibly start for the Vikings this year. When you add in the combo of Sidney Rice and Adrian Peterson; two lethal weapons, he will have a good year. Also look for Sabby Piscitelli, Eric Weedle, Ben Grubbs , and Garrett Wolfe.

4.Who will do better-Brady Quinn or Jamarcus Russell?

Because the differing situations, Quinn will do better this year. But, as the Raiders continue to build around Jamarcus Russell, he will do equally good in the long run.

5.Who will make the biggest impact on there team?

The player that will make the most impact will be, Brady Quinn. Quinn
will be the missing piece in the Cleavland puzzle.

Thanks to the 8 of you for participating in my interviews. See ya tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Interveiws With Lester’s Legends, parkov, and more!”

  1. winstolv said

    We now know that ML baseball is built upon theater tricks and props:

    1) steroids, cortisone, amphetamines, alcohol, corked bats and pine tar.
    2) event fixing and illegal gambling
    3) drunk driving World Champion managers
    4) drunk driving relieve pitchers
    5) poor judgment pitchers who crash planes into buildings
    6) empty denials, hypocisy and a meaningless steroid audit conducted by the Chairman of Disney-ESPN
    7) WWE scripts written for washed up athlete posers, Bonds, Schilling, Clemens, Johnson.
    8) $2.6 BILLION in revenue for ESPN TV & Radio.
    9) federal protection for a black box of non-minority white owners.
    10) meaningless statistics driven by TV producers and rigged play.

  2. She Gamer said


    I like the idea of interviewing the “little people” sort of speak; TSN members. Us that are not hired by the professional world. Us that’s probably chippin in on a lot of their salaries. us that never really get heard in the bigger world of sports. Great concept, both the interviews and the newsletter.

  3. winstolv said

    Josh Hancock and Tony LaRussa are drunk drivers. One is DEAD.

    Steroids, amphetamines, and glass marijuana pipes all factor in to this mess too.

    MLB should be cancelled, ESPN-Disney shut down, George Mitchell dismissed into Siberia.

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