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PTIC-Episode 2

Posted by svedda on May 5, 2007

Welcome to PTIC everyone! Today i am proud to announce that the first episode had more than 1 Star on the TV Guide rating chart! It got a 1 1/2 Star rating! Isn’t that great? Well anyways, today i got to 10,000 views. I think my blog has come a long way in the almost 50 days i’ve been posting. I have 10,000+ views, 58 entries, and 24 people have me down as a favorite. Note-If you have me down as a favorite, let me know. Thanks TSN and the TSN community for making my blog more popular every day! When i first started posting i only got maybe 50-100 views per post, now i get 250+ for each post. Thanks again TSN! Now, here’s PTIC.

Pardon The Interruption Cleveland

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda

Hosted by svedda, Yankees3Fan7

svedda-Welcome to PTIC again everyone! Today i have Yankees3Fan7 joining me again. Today we’ll talk about the Indians, Yankees, Mavs and more!

Now, Y3F7, do you think the Warriors upseting Dallas is the biggest First Round Upset of all time in the NBA Playoffs History?

Y3F7- This is without the biggest upset in the history of the NBA postseason. The only other #1 seeds to lose in the first round were Seattle in ’94 and Miami in ’99. Dallas literally choked in this thing. Dirk just could not perform as well as everyone thought he would do. I’m actually glad they are out. There’s one less power in the West to worry about now.

svedda-I agree. When does a 67 win team fall to a team that barely made the playoffs? I don’t know, but it happened here. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if they actually would of put up a fight in these games. The whole series i kept thinking to myself-These guys were the best regular season team? A horrible performance by the Mavs.

Y3F7-Do you think the Indians are the AL favorite to win the pennant so far?

svedda-Yes, because they won 9 out of 10 games at one point and have rebounded after a 7-7 start. Will they win the pennant? Probally not since the Yankees will rebound also and the Red Sox will put up a fight. I still see them fighting the Yankees for the pennant.

svedda-Do you think the firing of the Yankees performance enhancement coach was a good move or just a thing to tell there fans that they’re starting to fix the problem?

Y3F7- I have no idea what this dude’s name is, but I think it is a little of both. They were not performing as well aas expected. Phil Hughes has a no-hitter against Texas through 7 and a third innings and leaves because of injury. They want to show they aren’t as bad as everyone is saying they will be. They are in the rebuilding stage.

Y3F7-Was New Jersey winning there series with Toronto an upset?

svedda-I think it was since since Toronto won 47 games in the regular season and dominated there division, the same as New Jerseys, all season long. This was unexpected, i expected Toronto to win this series in 6 but now my cavs have an easier opponet.

svedda-Will Joe Torre be coaching the Yankees for the rest of the season?

Y3F7- Uh to put it in simple terms….no. Maybe next year, but not this year.

Y3F7-Who will win tonight-Utah or Houston?

svedda-I’m gonna have to say Houston. Not only because they’re the home team and so far the home team has won every game, i think that they have the better team and that if Mcgrady scores 35+, it won’t even be close. The only way Utah has a chance is if they hold Mcgrady under 20-25 points which will be really hard.

svedda-How far will Golden State go?

Y3F7- I’d love to see them beat Houston/Utah and get to the conference finals. That would be awesome for all NBA fans (except Jazz and Rockets fans). They might not make it past San Antonio or Phoenix, but it would be an accomplishment just to get there.

Y3F7-Will Detroit regret letting go of ben Wallace if they lose there series with Bens new team, Chicago?

svedda-I think they will knowing that they let a great defensive player like him leave and then go and help the team they have to get past of. I don’t even remember who they first signed to replace him… oh yeah. Nazr Mahammad. Before he left SA, only SA fans knew who he was.

svedda-Now it’s time for our NBA Playoffs Predictions. Who do you think will win the East, and who will they beat to win it?

Y3F7- I say that Detroit will come out victorious against the Cavs in 6 or 7 games.

svedda-I think Cleveland will by beating Chicago in 6 games.

svedda-How about the West?

Y3F7- I say that Phoenix will beat Golden State in 6 games.

svedda-I agree.

svedda-Now it’s time for 5 Good Questions with Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk, nice to have you here with us today.

Dirk-Nice to be here too.

svedda-Will you be the NBA MVP?

Dirk-I think i will because i have been the best player all season long. If you take me away from this team, i’m not sure they would hit 45 wins.

svedda-What do you think of Avery Johnson?

Dirk-A great coach.

svedda-How about Mark Cuban?

Dirk-No comment.

svedda-Are you dissapointed that your season is already over?

Dirk-Yes, i think we should of won that series.

svedda-Last question, will your team win 67 games next year?

Dirk-67 wins don’t matter unless they’re postseason wins.

svedda-Thanks for your time.

Dirk-No problem, i would be happy to come to the show again.

svedda-Thanks for watching PTIC! I hope you all enjoyed the show and will watch it every week. Bye!

Produced by svedda

Created by svedda

Hosted by svedda, Yankees3Fan7


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