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Sports stuff, 5/11/07

Posted by wolfpackmaniac08 on May 11, 2007

–Dale Jr. Leaves DEI
–Williams fails drug test
–NBA Playoffs
–TPC at Sawgrass

Leading off
In the past day, Dale Jr. leaves his Dad’s company, the Pistons take down Chicago on the road, taking a 3-0 series lead — and Tiger is suddenly beatable? Oh yeah, and who’d of thunk it? Ricky Williams failed a drug test! Plus, the Spurs are ‘dirty’; just ask Amare Stoudemire.

Headlines: Spanning the Sports World

Mooresville, NC –Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced he will be leaving DEI at seasons end. He says that he would love to continue driving a Chevy, and is unsure about driving his late father’s #3 car. The 32 year old Jr. says the money is not a factor in were he will drive next.

MIAMI, Fla –Just one month away from his previous possible reinstatement, Ricky Williams failed a drug test last month, and his possible return to the league is bumped back to at least September.

CHICAGO, Illinois –Just as it looked as if the Bulls would pull within one game of the Detroit Pistons, Detroit came charging back, overcoming a deficit that stretched to as far as 19 at one point. As history will tell you, the Bulls are hypothetically doomed in a 3-0 hole. This comes just one round after the Bulls completed a sweep themselves, advancing against the Heat.

NBA, Last night
[Chicago Bulls][74] vs. [Detroit Pistons][81]

NBA, Tonight
[4][Utah Jazz] vs. [8][Golden State Warriors] [9:00 PM ET] TV[ESPN] Series[Utah 2-0]


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