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2007 NFL Guide

Posted by svedda on May 14, 2007

Well, it’s never to early to start talking about the NFL, so i decided to start my NFL 2007 Guide, which is only going to include AFC teams and will have one new part about every week. Here is Part 1, the NY Jets.
2007 NFL Guide-NY Jets

Warning-All predictions will likely end up being wrong.

Top Offensive Players Predictions

QB Chad Pennington

Predictions For This Year-80-82 rat, 64 Comp%, 3,200 Yards, 20 TD, 16 Int

Breakdown-Chad had a good year last year after only palying 16 games the previous 2 years combined. Expect pretty much the same stats as last year.

RB Thomas Jones

Predictions For This Year-320 Att, 1,200 Yards, 3.75 Avg, 12 TD

Breakdown-It’ll probally take him a while to get used to playing the Patriots and the better Defenses of the AFC.

WR Laveranues Coles

Predictions For This Year-88 Rec, 1,200 Yards, 10 TD

Breakdown-A solid receiver in his prime.

Team Prediction

9-7, 2nd In AFC East

Breakdown-The Jets are a solid team, but they do have to play the Patriots twice a year plus they don’t have an overwhelming defense. Expect 9-10 wins and maybe a playoff berth.

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One Response to “2007 NFL Guide”

  1. fantasybowl said

    Not only do they have to play the Pats twice but they match-up against the Dolphins defense twice. Miami will never be an awful team with a defense like that.

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