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Gain or Lose Week 1 Entry

Posted by svedda on May 18, 2007

Well, for the first week of Gain or Lose, the topic is the defining moment that made you a fan. I had to think about this but here’s what i’ve come up with.

The Defining Moment That Made Me A True Patriots/Tom Brady Fan Forever

As you know, i’m a big Patriots fan and my favorite player is Tom Brady. I actually liked Tom Brady before he became a Superstar. I’m pretty young so i can’t say that i’ve been a Pats fan forever, actually only for about 6 years.

I remember in Brady’s senior year, when i watched my first Michigan-Ohio State game. I don’t remember who won or the score, so i actually had to look it up. The final score was Michigan 24 Ohio State 17. In the game Brady threw 2 TDs in the second half to lead Michigan to victory and to keep OSU from getting a bowl bid. In the game he went 17-27 for 150 yards and 2 TDs
(for a complete recap of the game click here). He might of played for Michigan, but i really started liking him after the game.

 When he wasn’t drafted untill Round 6 in the 2000 Draft, i couldn’t believe it. Maybe a Second Day choice, but i didn’t think he’d fall that much. I don’t remember much about the Draft and i actually didn’t watch the draft, but the next day i checked the Cleveland Plain Dealer for the results.

For his rookie year i really didn’t like him or the Patriots since he never played and since when you’re a young kid, you change your mind on everything. I even used to like the Broncos and i always would use them as my team when i played Madden on my Nintendo 64. Now i hate the Broncos since the Patriots can’t beat them but i’m starting to go off topic.

The following season when Bledsoe went down and brady stepped in, that’s when i started liking him again. Just be able to watch the highlights of his game was enough for me since in Ohio on CBS and Fox they show the Browns games, even though we can tell the outcome of the game before it starts. Example-if they’re playing the Colts, the score will be Ind 45 Cle 14 and if they’re playing the Texans, the score ill be Cle 24 Hou 17. Sorry that i keep going kind of off topic. Anyways, when the Patriots were playing really good and so was Brady, i decided to move the Browns from favorite team to second favorite team, where they still stand today since they’re the closest team in distance to me and i really never liked the Bengals, and never will.

When the Patriots made the playoffs and then they advanced through the AFC Championship, i knew they were gonna win the Super Bowl. Even though they were going to face the Rams, i knew they could win. Near the end of the game when Brady made that drive and set up Adam Vinitieri, i kew Vinitieri would make it, and he did. Then after the game when the trophy was handed to Brady, i knew that the Patriots would be my favorite team and he would be my favorite player. In that game he proved you don’t have to be a First Round Draft pick for good stuff to happen to you and to never give up. He practiced hard and won the starting job when Bledsoe went down and kept it when he was fully healed.

That was the defining moment that made me a true Patriots/Tom Brady fan forever.

I hope you liked my post and good luck to the rest of the contestants.


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