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NBA Playoffs Preview and More!

Posted by svedda on May 20, 2007

NBA Playoffs-Eastern Conference Finals Preview

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons

Positional Breakdown

Point Guard

Cavs-Larry Hughes
Pistons-Chauncey Billups

Edge-Pistons-Billups wins this matchup because of his offense. Hughes might be a better defender, but Billups is a lot better on offense.

Shooting Guard

Cavs-Sasha Pavlovic
Pistons-Richard Hamilton

Edge-Pistons-Hamilton might still wear that stupid mask, but he is more experienced than Sasha. Sasha will still be a Top-4 scorer for Cleveland in this series though.

Small Forward

Cavs-Lebron James
Pistons-Tayshuan Prince

Edge-Cavs-Really no explanation required, Lebron is just an all around better player.

Power Forward

Cavs-Drew Gooden
Pistons-Rasheed Wallace

Edge-Even-A pretty close matchup since Gooden is the better defender and Wallace is better on offense. The only problem is Wallace gets to many Technicals.


Cavs-Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Pistons-Chris Webber

Edge-Cavs-Webber can’t run and Z is better on offense. As long as Webber doesn’t get hot and start making every shot, this matchup goes to the Cavs.


Edge-Cavs-The Cavs have Anderson Varejao, a great rebounder and eric Snow, a guy who can run the team when Lebron’s on the bench beats out Antonio Mcdyess and Ronald Murray anyday.

Entire Roster

Edge-PistonsWith a better backcourt and more playoff experience, the Pistons have the better overall roster.

Series Winner

Cavs in 7-Last year the Cavs almost beat Detroit in, and now Detroit is missing a key part to the Pistons team last year, Ben Wallace. It’ll be a close series, but in the end, Cleveland in 7 games.

Sports Minute

Kevin Harvick edged out Jimmie Johnson to win the Nascar All-Star challenge…Curlin denied Street Sense a Preakness win…Flyod Landis says “cheating wouldn’t serve any purpose”…Ottawa Senators sent the Buffalo Sabres home packing in 3-2 OT win to clinch spot in the Stanley Cup…Arizona 9 Pittsburgh 8…Boston 13 Atlanta 3…Atlanta 14 Boston 0…New York Mets 10 New York Yankees 7…Chicago Cubs 11 Chicago White Sox 6…Toronto 13 Philadelphia 2…Baltimore 3 Washington 2…Detroit 8 St. Louis 7…Cincinnatti 10 Cleveland 5…Houston 6 Texas 1…Minnesota 5 Milwaukee 2…Florida 7 Tampa Bay 2…Colorado 6 Kansas City 4…LA Angels 6 LA Dodgers 2…Oakland 4 San Francisco 2…Seattle 7 San Diego 4

Please, if you haven’t already, check out my Gain or Lose Week 1 Entry. Thanks.


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