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NBA Draft Lottery Results

Posted by svedda on May 23, 2007

Here are the results of the NBA Draft Lottery-

NBA Draft Lottery Results

Pick Team

1. Portland
2. Seattle
3. Atlanta
4. Memphis
5. Boston
6. Milwaukee
7. Minnesota
8. Charlotte
9. Chicago (via New York)
10 Sacramento
11. Atlanta (via Indiana)
12. Philadelphia
13. New Orleans
14. L.A. Clippers


-Atlanta gets to keep there first pick since it is in the top 3 of the draft which means that Phoenix got pretty much nothing other than Boris Diaw for Joe Johnson in there trade with Atlanta.

-Memphis had the best chance of getting the 1st pick, followed by Boston.

-Chicago didn’t get very lucky since there pick from New York is barely in the top 10.

Rest of First Round Draft Picks

Pick Team

15. Detroit (via Orlando)
16. Washington
17. New Jersey
18. Golden State
19. L.A. Lakers
20. Miami
21. Philadelphia (via Denver)
22. Charlotte (via Toronto through Cleveland)
23. New York (via Chicago)
24. Phoenix (via Cleveland through Boston)
25. Utah
26. Houston
27. Detroit
28. San Antonio
29. Phoenix
30. Philadelphia (via Dallas through Denver and Golden State)


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