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My Fav 5s(Audience Participation)

Posted by svedda on May 25, 2007

Here are my NBA, MLB, and NFL Fav 5s. Note-items listed are in no specific order.

NBA Fav 5s-Teams

-Cleveland Cavaliers
-New Orleans Hornets
-Phoenix Suns
-Golden State Warriors
-Toronto Raptors

NBA Fav 5s-Players

-Lebron James
-Chris Paul
-Kobe Bryant
-Chris Bosh
-Steve Nash

MLB Fav 5s-Teams

-Cleveland Indians
-New York Yankees
-Cincinnatti Reds
-Tampa Bay Devil Rays
-Philadelphia Phillies

MLB Fav 5s-Players

-Alex Rodriguez
-Travis Hafner
-Albert Pujols
-Ryan Howard
-Fausto Carmona

NFL Fav 5s-Teams

-New England Patriots
-Cleveland Browns
-New Orleans Saints
-Seattle Seahawks
-Miami Dolphins

NFL Fav 5s-Players

-Tom Brady
-William Green
-Reggie Bush
-Asante Samuel
-Troy Smith

Now, what are your Fav 5s?


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