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Why Lebron Deserves A Ring

Posted by svedda on June 8, 2007

  I’ve heard people saying Lebron deserves a ring, and that Lebron doesn’t. But really, i agree with the Lebron deserves the ring people the most.

  Just look at him, a 22 year old NBA Superstar that pretty much carries his team every game. Like in Game 5 of the Detroit series where he scored Cleveland’s last 20 points and won them the game in double overtime.

  He has carried this team on his back for years, going back to his first season. In his first season they were coming off of a horrible season in which they went 17-65 and won the Lebron James lottery. Then the following season the Cavs went 35-47, 18 more wins then the previous season.

  The season after that they went 42-40, 7 more wins. Then in 2005-2006, they really started playing good. They went 50-32 and made the playoffs where they eventually got eliminated by detroit in 6 games in the 2nd round.

  Look at how far they have come since Lebron was drafted, and mostly because Lebron carried them. They have never had a great team or even a 2nd scorer after Lebron, but still they won 50 games again this season.

  Now they’re in the NBA Finals 4 wins away from the NBA Championship trophy. They’ve gotten there revenge on Detroit this season, and also they have ended the dreams of the Nets and Wizards, all because Lebron has carried them since Day 1.


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