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The 5 Winners/Losers Of The Draft

Posted by svedda on June 30, 2007


Portland as we all know had the first pick in the draft and used to draft there franchise player, Greg Oden. Also during the rest of the draft they traded for the rights to SG Rudy fernandez and traded for the rights to Petteri Koponen. Also they drafted Josh Mcroberts, Taureen Green and Demetrius Nichols. All 3 players being pretty well known college players.

After Portland i have Seattle. In the draft they picked Kevin Durant with the 2nd pick. then a little later they traded Ray Allen and the rights to Glen Davis(there 35th overall pick) to Boston for Delonte West, Wally Zerbiac, and Jeff Green(Boston’s 5th overall pick). By doing this they traded away a 32 year old for a young Guard to take his place in West, Zerbiac to take up Ray’s salary and Jeff Green to help out the team with his scoring ability.

Altanta had the 3rd and 11th overall picks and used them wisely. With the 3rd pick they took Al Horford to help them out with there low post scoring. Then with the 11th pick they took Acie Law, a great shooting PG who will be the future PG of the team. Now they have Law and Joe Johnson as there backcourt, 2 great shooters, then Josh Smith Horford and whoever there center may be to round out the lineup.


Boston had the 5th overall pick and did the worst thing they could do with it-trade it. They drafted Jeff Green with it then traded him with Delonte West and Wally Zerbiac for Ray Allen and Glen Davis. This trade may be better for them now, but it hurts them badly for the future since Allen is already 32 years old.

Milwaukee had the 6th pick in the draft and also made a horrible decision. Drafting Yi Jianlian. Before the draft Yi told Milwaukee if they drafted him he would not show up to trainging camp or anything. But still they drafted him when they could of got Cory Brewer or Brandon Wright or somebody else.


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