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Did Portland Make The Right Decisions?

Posted by svedda on July 4, 2007

Yesterday was the 2007 NBA Draft. In the draft some big moves were made and some great players found out who they would be playing for this upcoming season.

But the team with the hardest pick of all was Portland, Oden or Durant. That was the big question surrounding there franchise for over a month. they even had a poll on there website asking the fans who they would rather have. Oden got 2/3 of the votes.

Then the day before draft day Portland announced that they were drafting Oden, which meant Durant was going to Seattle, a team in the same division as Portland. Also on draft night Portland sent Zach randolph packing with Dan Dickau and Fred Jones to the Knicks for Steve Francis and Channing Frye. Now i’m trying to figure out if they made the right moves.

Here was there line up before the draft.

C-Lamarcus Aldridge
PF-Zach Randolph
SF-Darius Miles
SG-Brandon Roy
PG-Jarret Jack

Now by looking at this line up you see 2 major holes-SF and PG. At SF they have an overpaid player in Miles and a young player in Jack is there PG. Since Durant is a SF, i thought they might of taken Durant to make there line up Aldridge, Randolph, Durant, Roy, and Jack. A pretty good line up. Instead they took Oden which made it Oden, Randolph, Miles, Roy, and Jack. So they pretty much got a better C.

Since they knew they needed a PG and they didn’t really need Randolph, they traded Randolph with 2 backups for Steve Francis and Channing Frye which made there lineup as follows.

C-Greg Oden
PF-Channing Frye
SF-Darius Miles
SG-Brandon Roy
PG-Steve Francis
Key Bench-Jarret Jack(PG), Lamarcus Aldridge(C)

So now they have a former franchise player in Francis and a good young PF in Frye to join Aldridge and Oden. So, were these two moves good moves? In my mind yes. They went from having 2 holes in there line up to having 1 hole with Miles which isn’t that big of a hole. I’d have to say that this franchise has sure changed from that 21 win season a year or 2 ago.


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