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Cavs Trying To Get Bibby

Posted by svedda on July 14, 2007

As you might know, in Febuary the Cleveland Cavaliers were trying to get a deal done that sent Anderson Varejao to Sacramento for Mike Bibby. When i first heard about it, i was mad because i was willing to give up Varejao, one of the best defenders in the league in my mind, for Mike Bibby. The deal almost got done, but then the trade deadline came and it was shut down.

Now trade talks between the 2 teams have resurfaced, including a deal that included San Antonio that fell apart today. Now the 2 teams are talking about a deal that would send Drew Gooden and Damon Jones to Sacramento for Bibby. I like this deal since Jones is making like $4 million for sitting on the bench, and so now Anderson Varejao will want to resign with Cleveland more, knowing that he’d be the starting PF. Also since Bibby is around $13 million, the deal would work out financially since Gooden is making $6.4 million.

I will be keeping you updated daily by posting a new blog everyday until a deal gets done, or if it falls apart. The forum is now open!


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