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The Bo Schembechler Curse?

Posted by svedda on September 8, 2007

It was one of the hardest days in Michigan history. They had been upset and lost to a lower division school. QB Chad Henne, RB Mike Hart and OT Jake Long cam back to Michigan for another year because they thought this year was oging to be special for Michigan. So far it’s been the opposite.

It all started when Michigan got beaten by Appalachian State. Throughout the whole game they were outplayed by them. Then at the end when it looked like they survive the game with a win, Appalachian State blocked a last second field goal and almost took it back for a touchdown. This play destroyed Michigan’s National Champion hopes. Also with the loss they were kicked out of the AP Top 25.

After the game coach(or soon to be former coach) Llyod Carr said that they were going to start over and go out and beat Oregon. Once again Michigan’s fans were silenced by a worse team. The score ended up being 39-7 and it pretty much ruined there Rose Bowl hopes.

Next week they have Notre Dame and Freshman QB Jimmy Paulsen coming to town. If they lose this game there season is pretty much over as that would mean they would be completely kicked out of a major bowl game. Last season Michigan beat Notre Dame 47-21 but that seems like a distant memory at the moment.

Right now all Michigan fans are in a living night mare that just won’t end. The worst part is that they have Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State left on there schedule. If they lose even one of these games there Big Ten Title hopes might be over as well.

One reason that strikes my mind is the Bo Schemblecher curse. Ever since he died they’re 0-4 losing to Ohio State, USC, Appalachian State, and Oregon. Maybe they’ll never win again for all we know, Bo Schembechler dieing has cursed them to somethign they don’t like, but they still don’t know what it is.


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