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  1. Fedora and Bullets + Monta looking underage – All the photos from Baron Davis’ Birthday Bash

    Yes, this is bandwaggony, but I did attend some of the best RUN-TMC games of the 80’s and have always considered myself more than a cursory fan. The photos alone give you a slight glimpse into a surreal birthday party for the current darling of the NBA – Baron Davis.

    “Mainstream” Bay Area rap was on full display with the convergence of the dirty rap game of the 90’s (Too-$hort) against the Hyphy craze of today (Mitah F.A.B., San Quinn). Not to mention the complete lack of guardedness by the local sports elite (they just didn’t care how they looked); the Warriors had just made the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. Other highlights in the photos: The orangest man in the NBA Andris Biedrins and his Playmate girlfriend, S-jax looking as crazy as his reputation, Monta looking like a 14 year old, the other Eastern Euro 7-footer on the W’s (Zarko) looking out of place, Too $hort taller than everyone he’s in a photo with (coincidence – I think not), 49’ers and warriors hanging out, groupies, I could go on…). This was truly the event of the season in Smokeland – and it took place in San Francisco.”

    I think your readers would be interested in seeing the action. And yes, I peddle smut for a living.

    ** There’s a funny riff from local sports talk host Gary Radnich where he and Tony Bruno go off on it, can be heard here:



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