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My Gain or Lose Week 2 Entry

Posted by svedda on June 1, 2007

Well, i have made it into Round 2 of morrisseyweb’s Gain or Lose competition!(applause) This week’s topic is old school, so i had to think about this for awhile. The first thing that came to my mind was an Ultimate NBA Old School team, meaning players who played there first season before 1985(randomly picked year). So, here’s my All-NBA Old School Team.

All-NBA Old School Team

Since all of my players had to of had there rookie season before 1985, there are some great players who can’t be included. Micheal Jordan barely made it since he started in 1984, but enough of that here is my All-NBA Old School Team starting lineup. Note-I’m only doing a starting lineup.

C-Wilt Chamberlein

I think this was a pretty easy pick considering he’s one of the greatest players of all time. As you all know he scored 100 points in one game and had an high points per game average his whole career, including a season in which he scored on average 50 points per game. On NBA message boards whenever someone asks, “Who do you think is the greatest player of all time”, i always say Wilt. He even has his own cartoon character(Cartoon Network’s Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. The character is the tall one named Wilt obviously). Some other things about him is that he also grabbed a lot of boards hitting 20 rebounds a game more than once in his career.

Notable-Bill Russell

PF-Karl Malone

This was a hard one considering that i really couldn’t think of any PFs from the oast for some reason for awhile. So, i decided on Karl Malone. This was a close one since his first season was 1985. He’s here because he could easily do 20 points and 10 rebounds per game, and he played for 20+ years, which is pretty long for professional players. I’ve heard people say that John Stockton is the reson he was so great, but they’re wrong.

Notable-Charles Barkley

SF-Larry Bird

This was also an obvious pick considering that he is one of the greatest shooters and all around players of all time. If you ask a Celtics fan who there favorite all time Celtics player is, i guarantee a lot of them would say Bird, if not Bill Russell. He might of never scored 100 points in a game, but if got in a rhythm, he just couldn’t miss. He is a good SF for this great shooting team.

Notable-Julious Erving

SG-Micheal Jordan

This was super easy since Jordan is probally the greatest player of all time in most people’s minds(not mine). He averaged 30+ points on average per every game of his career. Also he is in the Top 10 of most points in one game. Same with Bird, he might of never scored 100, but he still was a great scorer. He even averaged 28 in his rookie year.

PG-Magic Johnson

A hard choice since there have been some great point guards in history. I ended up picking Magic mostly because he could play any position, and i ended up picking PG for him. He averaged around 20 points and 10+ assists his whole career which was cut short because of when he was diagnosed HIV positive in 1991. If he wouldn’t of developed HIV, he probally could of played a little longer.

Notable-Isiah Thomas

Well, there’ my list. Now, how about yours?


One Response to “My Gain or Lose Week 2 Entry”

  1. Mo said

    As I said on TSN, nicely done!

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